Tuesday, 22 April 2014

"But anyone can pet sit"

As experts in pet minding, having Perfect Pet Sitter come to care for your pet offers you something that well meaning friends cannot – reliability and real peace of mind. Why? Because when everything goes smoothly friends can be fine - but what if the unexpected happens?
Patient patient Maggie - bandage
on her left paw - read below

It’s true to say that most pet sits are straightforward and work like this: We come and stay with your fur pals, give them lots of company,  TLC and if required medications. With your dogs, in addition to GPS tracked exercise, we take them out and about with us just as you would.

You return not only to a contented pet, but to be presented with one of our unique Perfect Pet Sitter diaries. Updated daily, it’s packed full of pictures, notes and maps showing all the fun your pet had – evidence of their very own holiday whilst you were away.
Harry having his own holiday whilst his owners on Honeymoon!

So far so good – but what happens if things don’t run to plan? What do we do? We believe that the quality of any service can be judged on what they do when problems present – so here is our approach:

First, we’re proactive:  as a condition of us coming to sit for any duration - even our minimum two nights – every client must complete an Owner’s Checklist and set up an account with their vet to give us the authority to take their pet if for treatment if necessary.

Second, we’re professional: we take every pet as a serious responsibility.

Third, we’re experienced:  if your pet has a problem we first try to contact you. However, if we can’t speak to you, due to the number of animals we’ve cared for we can make rational decisions on the need and urgency required for medical treatment.

Here’s a few of the health issues we’ve managed:

Ulcers on dog’s eye:  owners were just leaving for a trip and thought their Lab’s sore eye was an infection she was prone to. However, I was worried and sought permission to take her to the vet who confirmed my visit was a very good call. It transpired she had two corneal Ulcers which were very painful and would have got worse without treatment. (click here to read the blog 'Red eye in the morning - vet's a calling')

‘Dead tail’: unusual condition found mostly in gun dogs. It’s when a dogs tail becomes limp and painful. Treatment with anti inflammatory prescribed (plus rest).

Grass seed: this was quite hard to see, but we picked up on early. It was quite sore and antibiotics were necessary. Took over a week to resolve.

Cystitis: right from the start we noticed Pippin squatting quite often - It was our first time caring for her it and it could have been normal for her. However, we kept watch – and then saw blood in her urine. She had to be taken to the vet and we dealt with the visit and administering the medications.

Cut in dog’s pad: in the case of Maggie a shell made a nasty cut to her pad. I knew from experience with my own dogs that vets cannot stitch pads. As long as the wound is clean it has to heal from the inside out by granulation. So I didn’t take her to the vet as I was confident about what needed to be done. I cleaned the wound, put on padding, a plaster and then a protective bandage. I rested her, each day refreshing the dressings (Maggie the patient, patient is in the picture above!) After a few days I took her out with Jack her partner - but kept her on lead, only walking allowed, until she fully healed.
Maggie all better again and with her beloved Jack
We frequently get calls from desperate pet owners whose friends have let them down at the last minute when we’re almost inevitably already booked and cannot help. When you have booked us, you can relax and know your sit is locked in.

Clients put their trust in us and we do everything we can to ensure their pet is cared for to the highest level possible. Which means when you want your pet to be in expert hands, Perfect Pet Sitter is the outstanding professional option from every perspective.

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