Friday, 7 April 2017

This way to find the very best dog care anywhere!

Perfect Pet Sitter is now offering an even more exclusive pet minding service at our Hound Dog Hotel on the Central Coast. Just 75 mins from Sydney, our premium dog accommodation and care are a unique combination. No Kennels - doggie guests live inside in air conditioned luxury, with free access to highly secure grounds outside.  

Hound Dog Hotel is a true Home-away-from-Home. We only accept just 3-4 socialised doggie guests at any one time. Here they have company around the clock, exercise daily (come rain or shine). With fun, games, stimulation and constant care there really is no better alternative for your dog whilst you’re away. 

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There are over 50 blogs on this site and below is Kelly's story giving an accurate picture of what it's like for your beloved dog staying at the Hound Dog Hotel. 


A recent first time guest at the Hound Dog Hotel (the best dog care anywhere!) was a gentle soul, 9 year old Kelly, a Kelpie X. At home her owners call her Shadow as she is anxious, and she follows them from room to room getting upset if left. Her anxiety separation might be as she was a Rescue dog, but whatever the reason, to ensure Kelly's not stressed they take her everywhere with them - even to work during the day .
With this in mind her owners were very worried about finding someone to care for her for the three weeks they were in the USA - especially as they wanted her to have continual company and not to be left alone at any time.

Happily they found the answer in my Hound Dog Hotel! After contacting me both owners came with Kelly for the usual familiarisation visit. However, I could tell they were exceptionally worried about Kelly. So, over the next few weeks before they went away they made a total of four trips to my Hound Dog Hotel. This was so Kelly could get to know the surroundings, come on walks, get used to our vehicle but above all to know she could trust me. 

As Kelly visibly relaxed being at the Hotel and around me, so did her owners which was the aim. There was no charge for these extra visits or the time devoted to meeting up and taking Kelly for walks prior to her stay. This is because 'Your Dog Is Our Job', and we do whatever it takes to ensure owners can go away confident their dogs will be loved and happy. This is just one part of what we do that makes our service exclusive. 

Finally it was “D Day” - Departure Day. Rather than dramatic 'goodbyes', I recommend owners leave quietly, maybe as their dog is in the grounds sniffing the exciting new smells. And there is always so much to interest canine guests here! The fact is, even if they happen to be the only dog present, there will be other doggie scents they can pick up on and investigate.

Once her stay began Kelly had lots of love and attention and was out daily to many different venues. But most of all she was never left alone and she soon settled as she became secure in the knowledge she was safe. 

We know our guests are having a fantastic time - but naturally owners want to be reassured their furry pooch is happy! So, as with each guest that stays, every single day without fail Kelly's owners were sent very detailed reports of her activities. There were always numerous pictures showing Kelly playing and swimming. In fact Kelly not only adores swimming but it was good for her arthritis, so we often took her to water where she could show off her aquatic skills. And included with the walk reports were screen shots of GPS maps showing where we had been and how long Kelly had been out, which was customarily an hour or more.

In addition to comprehensive daily reports it's a pleasure to surprise owners by sending them additional messages and pictures! I often did this for Kelly's owners, showing their girl playing “Fetch” games inside the Hotel, or outside rolling in the grass in the garden, or just sleeping - in the lounge during the day or at night with me in my bedroom.
Having a squirm in the garden
Caught napping! Kelly and I having an afternoon siesta
Kelly didn't sleep on beds apparently, well at the Hound Dog Hotel
she was like Goldilocks trying out all the variations!!
At the end of Kelly's stay I put together a printed report with some suggestions about Kelly that her owners could review in their own time once they got back home and had recovered from their very long trip. 

And further every client receives an Album of their pet's 'dogscapades' on a Flash Drive. It's a composite of still photos together with extracts from videos. It's put together with music and is a unique memento and great summary of each dog's vacation at the Hound Dog Hotel.

Before she went home Kelly was freshly shampooed and looked as fit as a flea. The owners were delighted, as they knew from all the communications they'd been sent how happy Kelly had been. And they could see she'd been well and truly looked after, and really did have her very own holiday!

So, if you wish to book a holiday for your beloved hound, please contact Maralyn at the Hound Dog Hotel.

Mob: 0422 359 278

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