Saturday, 23 March 2013

Fallen in love - with a Quokka!

Having taken the opportunity to see my relatives in Perth wanted to visit Rottnest Island. As you probably know, Rottnest is famous for its Quokkas which have no fear of people. There is a decent population of them on the island but sadly on the mainland they are in decline due to Feral Cats and dogs against which they have no chance as they are slow and docile.

My sister-in-law told me to take a container to offer the Quokkas water which is like nectar to these dear little marsupials. Despite forgetting to take a container, this cutest little creature was more than happy drinking from my hand. As you can see it even had its paws on my hand to keep the supply coming. It was very gentle with a delicate tongue which you could just feeling licking away like crazy. Completely and utterly adorable and lovely interaction with a wild animal.

Back to Sydney next week and looking forward to seeing Bodhi (the Bear) again and will be with him all over Easter and right through the whole of April. Am wondering what exploits he has in store for me..... whatever they are they will be active and fun that's for sure!

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