Thursday, 5 November 2015

Christmas present for your dog - a Beach Holiday with Perfect Pet Sitter!

One thing that every person who uses our services says is that they cannot bear the thought of having to put their dog into kennels. And when you have the choice of the highest level of care where where your dog lives in the house with us (in air-conditioned luxury) you can forget about ever using a kennel again. Think instead Boutique 4 Paw Doggie Hotel - where your dog is truly a VIP!

Below is a reference from the owners of one recent VIP guest. It’s included with this blogpost to give those new to Perfect Pet Sitter an insight into not just the professionalism of our service, but also the love, care, exercise and fun pets receive when staying with us as part of the family.

The dog in question is Honey  - a name which perfectly describes her. 

Not only was Honey the colour of this adorable little Spaniel - but her nature was sweet as honey also! 
Her owners adored their little girl and were worried about how she would settle being away from them. So they had barely left before I winged them texts with pictures showing Honey settling in, which helped them feel at ease.

As well as round the clock human company, Honey had ready made canine pals too. First Elly, my daughter’s welcoming, laid back and super socialised Boxer, was around. Leo was also present. Leo is a sparky Labradoodle and we’ve looked after since he was 12 weeks old (blogged about him before see here).  In no time the doggies were mingling as if they had known each other for years. 

In fact even though each had their own bed, often they would choose to sleep together on one bed together all cuddled up – in one picture you couldn’t tell where Honey and Leo began or ended! We walk every day come sun, rain or hail -  and every single walk I send a screen shot of the GPS recorded of the walk, together with 5 -6 pictures.

The thing is, we know it is a big thing to entrust the care of a pet you adore to a third party. But we are dog lovers every bit as much as you. We therefore know it is vital owners are kept aware of what is happening and why we ensure we send emails (or texts if preferred) every day.

Honey was taken out to river side walks and beach walks at Avoca or Copacabana. There she played in the edge of the waves or other times decide to chase Leo and rush after him,  her little legs going as fast as they could, barking with excitement. When not playing with the others she would swim in the Lagoons or ‘fish’ there if she saw some darting in the shallows.

Copacabana Lagoon - Honey always won swim for balls 

Here is the reference the owners sent following Honey’s second stay in October:

Maralyn has looked after our family dog Honey on two occasion’s, once for a wedding and the other while we were holidaying for 2 weeks in Vietnam.

Maralyn was fabulous with Honey, we were more than happy with her services.   Her approach is professional and very hands on.  Honey was extremely well looked after, walked daily and often taken to the beach, her absolute favourite. 

Maralyn took the time to email us every day with updates and photos of Honey who was given lots of cuddles and responded well to her kind and gentle nature.  That extra level of professionalism and caring is invaluable.

We were able to relax on our holiday knowing that Honey was happy and well looked after.

We feel extremely fortunate to have met Maralyn for the times when we are unable to have Honey with us.  We highly recommend her services and are available to give a verbal reference if required.

Matt, Maree, Emma & Steph Webster (Queenscliff)

Shortly after I posted the above blog about Honey I was contacted by a lady who had seen this website. After a few emails and with my providing her costs, Terms & Conditions and our Checklist, she sent me this email:-

Hi Maralyn

Thank you for the costing, we’re happy with the arrangements and would like to go ahead and pay you. How do we do that? Also if for some reason you don’t want to take Hula after your meet and greet in a few weeks, are we fully refunded? 

Guess what, this afternoon I met somebody who knows Honey's owners. I was speaking to a dog owner at the park and it came up in conversation when we were talking about me boarding Hula on the Central Coast. I’m happy to report that the man said Honey looked like a new dog when she returned.

Yes Honey did go back very trim and in terrific shape due to all the exercise (and of course keeping her food quantities to the ideal levels).
And to answer the question the client asked about Hula and the deposit,   a deposit is not normally until we have met the dog that is coming to stay. If a deposit were taken without meeting a doggie guest and it was felt that subsequently the dog was not suitable to stay, yes of course we would in those circumstances return the deposit.

for more info call 0426 976 006 or email 

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