Saturday, 11 April 2015

Cavoodles & Labradoodles - protected or pampered?

Perfect Pet Sitter cares for every type of dog -  and I love it when we meet smaller breeds that have been integrated into a world where they’re going to meet many different – and often much bigger - dogs.

It’s true small dogs can be vulnerable and understandable owners want to protect them, but there’s a fine line between protecting and pampering.

When owners interventions go to extremes – such as picking dogs up the moment another canine appears,  or crossing roads to avoid other dogs – this can result in little dogs becoming fearful, anxious, and end up developing all sorts of neurosis.

MILLY & CHLOE – Cavoodles

Recently I’ve been living in looking after two delightful little girls, Cavoodles Milly and Chloe. Looking for all the world like furry novelty slippers, these tiny girls are up there with the cutest small dogs I’ve had the pleasure of caring for.  But what is extra special about these two, is they are don’t know they’re little!

Naturally when taking any of my smaller canine charges I'm highly aware of bigger dogs and avoid ones I don’t like the look of (or ask owners to keep a distance). But other than that, being able to take dogs to places where they can greet and sniff others is positive, it’s what dogs are born to do.

So Lisa & Mark – congratulations. You have encouraged your sweet little dogs to be dogs and not to be fearful of doggie encounteres. You deserve an award for knowing that you have full size dogs – they just happen to be in very small bodies!

LEO the Labradoodle

Leo is one of Perfect Pet Sitters most regular clients.  Since he was just 19 weeks old we’ve minded him numerous occasions, for anything from a few days, to weeks at a time.

From the moment she brought him home, Leo’s owner was determined he would be well trained.  Although still a puppy, he’s so good to recall that on our daily walks (within safe areas) he can be off leash to enjoy running free and playing - until we go home with him happy and tired.

At a young age I did some heel work sessions with Leo. He was nervous in some situations, for example when buses went by, but by persisting he eventually got used to events that at first worried him.

Between his owner, ongoing positive training, Perfect Pet Sitter’s unique minding, and doggie playdates, Leo receives the best possible care.

Leo is only 9 months old yet by ensuring he’s been exposed to a variety of people, dogs and different situations he is  already a confident, adaptable and exceptionally well socialised dog.  Most of all,  this has been achieved without him being cossetted or spoilt.  Another dog that has been allowed to be a dog.

So here’s a second congratulations  - well done Gina – you’ve put effort in to his development and got a great dog as a result.

Perfect Pet Sitter recommends:

Introduce new situations to your pup on a gradual basis. If something spooks or worries them do not make a fuss or reassure your dog – if you do they will assume there is something to be scared of!

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