Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Back again with Bodhi the Bear now for the whole of APRIL:-)

Well I knew my stay with Bodhi would be eventful - not even a week into my month with him and so it is proving! 

MY GARMIN GPS DATA, our first walk of day to Graham Reserve

Exercise is vital not just to a dog's physical health but just as much to their mental well-being, plus a well exercised dog is a happy and balanced dog. So having arrived on Good Friday morning, without even unpacking I immediately took Bodhi to Manly Lagoon.  A lovely day and Bodhi playing in the water and with other dogs. Then I began to walk to the far end of the Lagoon but had barely passed the children's play area when a shout went up. I looked left to see two ladies sitting on the grass eating salmon Subs for their lunch. Well one was. Bodhi had swooped on the other lady and fully snatched the Sub right out of the lady's hand and he'd gulped it down in two huge bites!

I apologised to the woman (who took it well) and I paid her so she could buy another sandwich. At one level it was funny, but big Bodhi doing a Ram Raid would not amuse everyone. I'm now extra vigilant when I see anyone eating or food left about on the ground as this dog will not pass it by!

Tues 2/4/13 our 3rd walk (reluctantly on Bodhi's part!)
Tuesday 2 April a glorious day on the Northern Beaches and we took advantage of it with Bodhi having no less that 3 walks in the one day. First one was early and a little after 8am we'd done  2 miles (see print out above). The second one was only short, we had a coffee at Ash's Table and sat looking at the fabulous Manly beach. But the third was funniest. It was the afternoon and I called 'walkies' to Bodhi expecting him to run towards me - only to see him backing away towards his kennel -  hilarious! Reluctant or not I took him to Manly using him being a little less keen as a good time to reinforce 'heel' and to get him to sit each time before we crossed a road. We did another 2 miles with that third walk - so with nearly 5 miles in one day. Being over 8 Ks this should make sure he is that well exercised happy and balanced dog! 

Later that night.........

Crickey - 8 Ks !!

My back itches....

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