Friday, 5 April 2013

Mud, Mud, glorious mud.....

Weds 3 April to Friday 5 April

Gave Bodhi a long walk of 3.55 miles which is around 6 Ks. We did a similar walk once before but this time I recorded it on my Garmin GPS and have sent a print out of that to the owners. We walked to the Wharf side of Manly, along the Fairlight path and right around to Forty Baskets where Bodhi had lots of swims (see pics).

I then walked with him up the hill to Balgowlah but then returned to Forty Baskets as my daughter brought Elly for a walk so it was round 2. The two just love one another and have established a great rapport.
Bodhi at 40 Baskets
Later when Elly came too
 Heaps of exercise on Thursday,  three outings in one day again, but over to today and our walk to Graham Reserve and (out for nearly an hour) if there is an inch of water, Bodhi will find it.....

I know it's here somewhere...
found it!

Wot?  I'm muddy??
Ha de ha ha!!!
Foot Note: Delighted to say Bodhi is responding spectacularly well to my heel work with him. He does like his own way and will ignore you if he's allowed to, but by calmly insisting he is improving in leaps and bounds making it a pleasure to have him on the lead.

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