Saturday, 14 September 2013

Dog on a tightrope!

As a dog minder and full time live in pet sitter on our Northern Beaches, I strongly advocate teaching dogs tricks. Working closely with our canine pals builds trust which enhances our relationship with them. But above all – dogs love it!

If you need proof of this take at look at Ozzy. He’s recently claimed his place as Britain’s most accomplished canine tightrope walker.

Ozzy the 'Dog on a Wire'

Apparently his owner, Nick a 51-year-old carpenter, bought a book called Puppies For Dummies before enrolling Ozzy on a six-week training course and taking some tips from celebrated ‘dog whisperer’ Zak George.

Ozzy’s acrobatic antics were then posted onto YouTube video which led to acclaim and TV stardom.

Nick said that Ozzy is most happy when he’s working on tricks which he sees a game. But – and this is key -  Nick says they only practice when Ozzy is in the mood - after he’s done all his important stuff like sniffing around and meeting other dogs. I very much agree - dogs must play too. Training is most successful on a 'little and often' basis, that way your dog looks forward to it as a fun time. 

It really is rewarding working with dogs teaching them simple tricks. They love it and who knows, if your dog gets really good, s/he might end up a tv star like the fabulous Ozzy!

To see the full Daily Mail article and view the video click here:  Dog on a wire!

You could never make him do this if he didn't want to!

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