Monday, 21 October 2013

Northern Beaches Perfect Pet Sitter IS PERFECT! It's Official!!

Specialists in dog minding on the Northern Beaches, your very own Perfect Pet Sitter, has been awarded the title ‘Perfect’!  It might not have been an Oscar- but something more valuable –  ringing endorsements from not one but two of our latest Clients (see also references & the comments of the owners of Zara - Rhodesian Ridgeback).
Izzy & her Perfect Pet Sitter Pal, Amber
Here is what Felicity and Shaun of Freshwater said at the end of six weeks of caring for their sweet dog Izzy during August and September:
You might think that using the word "Perfect" in the title of an organisation is a bit risky. It certainly sets the bar very high. But in our case it has proved to be a spot-on description of our experience using Maralyn's services. We hadn't used a pet (and house) sitter before so we weren't quite sure what to expect when we left our lovely (and sometimes naughty) little dog Izzy in Maralyn's hands for six weeks.

We shouldn't have worried. From the outset everything Maralyn did was supremely professional and wonderfully caring. From the days before we left when Maralyn scheduled in some "get to know Izzy" visits. Then through regular email updates while we were away to the comprehensive diary of Izzy's activities awaiting us on our return, Maralyn greatly exceeded our expectations.

She looked after our house with great care - it was immaculate on our return. And as for Izzy, well she had a great time too. Maralyn taught her a bunch of new tricks, improved her sometimes wayward behaviour and introduced her to some lovely doggy friends.

Izzy moped around a bit after Maralyn left - but perked up when we told her we'd be inviting Maralyn back to look after her again next year!

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