Monday, 23 December 2013

The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos!

Surely one of the greatest pleasures in life is taking your dog for a walk. What can top that experience?
My professional role is giving 24/7 live-in Pet Sitting care on a 1:1 basis for my clients’ beloved pets. After some sits have ended, knowing how much fun their dogs have had with me, I continue to take a select few out on my limited Adventure walks slots.
The beauty is I know my canine charges so well I also know which dogs will get on and I can take out two, maybe three together.
Lotti came with me to Terrigal Beach
The three Amigos are a particularly wonderful mix. There’s Lovely Lotti the Chocolate Lab, barely a year old and like a glass of champagne she’s so bubbly. 

Then there’s the stunningly handsome Golden Retriever, Bailey. Only a puppy, (he too is not even a year old) but already very well behaved and an absolute water baby.
Bailey can't get enough of the water - anyplace, anytime!
And who comes too? Mary Poppins - well, real name Elly (my daughter's Boxer) but then she is practically perfect….  At nearly 8 Elly is quite the mature lady, but being with her young pals brings out the youngster in her.

To see the three of them frolicking and swimming and having such a great time is a joy.  

So to the question can anything top the experience of taking a dog for a walk – well just maybe it’s taking three!

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