Monday, 13 January 2014

Cattle dogs, Kelpies & Ginger Toms

I’m back pet sitting one of my regular fur families, this time for nearly a month. There’s Jack, an 8 year old cattle dog/Kelpie mix. Maggie, a 3 year old black and tan Kelpie - and not forgetting Jimmy, the ginger tom who thinks he’s a dog.
It’s my third time looking after them all and I really look forward to staying as they each have their own individual and entertaining personality. 
Jack has one of the best noses I’ve seen and could easily have been a drug detection dog. Wherever we go he never fails to find a tennis ball. Even if it’s a just a remnant of a ball – he’ll find it. 

Maggie doesn’t bother to hunt balls – she doesn’t need to. Instead she watches Jack intently. As soon as he finds a ball she’ll do her best to sneak it – only to quickly bore of it and drop it for Jack to pick up again - and her to continue keeping a beady eye on him.
A particular pleasure with these two is how incredibly good they are in keeping by you when off leash. Jack is incredibly loyal and always watching where I am, staying close by. 
And Maggie is watching Jack the whole time – so by definition she is close by too!
Jimmy was brought into a house with this pair of herding dogs when a tiny kitten. The owner did an amazing job of integrating him. So much so that he comes to the call just as well as the dogs!
If you have seen the film 'Puss In Boots' this is
Jim doing his Antonio Banderas impression!
When the dogs and I are leaving for our walk, Jimmy comes too, looking most upset when we drive off. And when we come back, there he’ll be by the gate, rushing in with us when we go inside.

I just wish Jimmy could come on our walks too – I’m sure he’d enjoy them every bit as much as Jack and Maggie!

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