Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Dont let your dog give you the brush off!

Recently one of my daughters and I were discussing our past experiences of Kennels.

My experience was years ago in the UK with Flash, our German Shorthaired Pointer.
Dear Flash in the Backround being lead around by our other GSP, Harry
Claire’s was before I arrived in Oz when she was stuck and had to put her two Boxers in kennels for a long weekend.

Flash was two years old and desperate to find a new home when we found him. Not only was it his third time returned to rescue, but it was his last chance as he was days from being put down. We took him on and with patience and love over time he became a great pet.  Then we went on a family holiday and left him at kennels for two weeks…..  When we came back he was like a different dog, hoarse from barking and pent up from being locked in a cage – we’d been told he would get exercised daily - clearly he hadn’t.
Back home he sulked for days - it took a long time for him to forgive us and re-settle.  Claire said it was the same with her Boxers – just a weekend away and they gave her the cold shoulder for days.
Then recently Helen, the Owner of the two fabulous Rhodesians Ridgebacks Oscar and Mia
Oscar on the left and Mia on the right - how majestic!
(that Gail looked after & I Blogged about on 3/1/14) sent us a great reference which included this extract:-
Normally we get the brush off after having a holiday. It can take Oscar a day or so to accept us back, laying his head on our lap acknowledging we are back in the good books. This time round they were happy to have us home the moment we got back, and clearly happy with the 5 star experience they got whilst we were away, no brush off, just happy dogs.  (For the full reference see ‘Testimonials’ or click here).
It made me realise it's common for dogs to feel betrayed when they're sent away. It’s not that all kennels are bad. But even in the best it’s very stressful for your pet – for when you go, how does your dog know you are ever coming back?

My experience with Flash stayed with me and was instrumental in my setting up Perfect Pet Sitter - a unique and professional 24/7 live-in pet sitting service for dogs (and cats) in their own homes.

Nothing comes close to the one-to-one attention your fur pals receive all the while staying in their familiar surroundings and keeping to their usual routine. That’s what Perfect Pet Sitter is all about for pets young or old –  premium care when you can’t be there. 

And we can also help with Doggie Day Care too.

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