Friday, 31 January 2014

Puppy Power! Rare & gorgeous black Spaniel

Perfect Pet Sitter is in Wollstonecraft, on the Lower North Shore, caring for a most adorable and cheeky little puppy, Audrey, a black Spaniel. Unusual to see a Spaniel - but especially a black one.
Being only 5 months old Audrey loves getting into mischief. If I leave my bedroom door open out she comes with an item of my clothing or shoes – always looking very pleased with herself!

However, she’s very good with the basic commands - exceptionally so off lead in coming to recall -  pretty amazing in one so young. Her owners have achieved this through rewards based training.
'Come Audrey!'      OK!!!

Most dogs are either food focused or play focused. Whilst Audrey likes to play, she’s crazy about food. I’ve written about the value of treats before and it’s good to see how the early use of food rewards achieves such a great outcome as it has in pretty little Audrey.

One of her owners takes her to work with him each day. Coming back from the dog park by chance I found out where his office was when in Crows Nest main road Audrey suddenly leapt sideways and hauled me up some steps. Next she went into a door and almost took wings flying up some stairs dragging me behind. At the top a chorus of voices said “Audrey!” The work colleagues were as pleased to see Audrey as she was to see them. It was great to hear them say they could see how happy she was. I know she missed her owners the first couple of days but we now have our own little routine and she’s very content and settled.

Playing in the ornamental pool in Crows Nest
When we left the office outside was an ornamental pond which Audrey promptly jumped in - much to the amusement of people eating their lunch in the cafes!

Right now Audrey's a bundle of mischief, but she'll grow out of that. Most of all Audrey is one lucky pup. Her devoted and caring owners are ensuring she’s been exceptionally well socialised and will grow to be balanced, obedient and happy girl.

Audrey makes friends wherever we go

A dog Guru from many years ago used to say that dogs needed training so they would be “A pleasure to all and a nuisance to no one”. That’s certainly Audrey!


  1. She certainly is a beautiful pup, and even more so due to proper, positive training!

  2. Yes Lisa, you're right. Training using treats - and voice tone too is important - they all help get the right results, a confident and well balanced dog!


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