Friday, 3 January 2014

Rhodesian Ridgebacks - looks can be deceiving!

For those lucky enough to know a well trained Rhodesian Ridgeback, descriptions of them might include calm, deeply loyal & independently minded (or is that a little stubborn?!). For certain they need a confident & competent pack leader.

For those who haven’t met a good Ridgey, they may appear scary – perhaps due to their size, their presence & deep booming bark… We’ve all been told “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but sometimes that’s not so easy.

So what if there's a pair of them?

Well two lovely Ridgebacks Oscar & Mia (above) as well as Harry the family cat, came into the care of Perfect Pet Sitter over New Year. A calm & affectionate pair of dogs, it didn’t take long for us to become totally smitten with this couple!

Although very large they walked sedately, not pulling on their leads. When off lead they ambled about - often with noses to the ground in true Ridgeback style!

On a number of walks I joined Oscar & Mia with my charges Jack & Maggie – a pair of energetic Kelpies I’ve looked after quite a few times now.
Also Chico, a Wheaten Terrier in our care & Elly the boxer, joined us at times too.

So there we were, three Perfect Pet Sitters and six lovely dogs getting along famously, with the two Ridgebacks calm & regal, good as gold. Gentle giants. 

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  1. FOOT NOTE: The pictures of the three of us Perfect Pet Sitters were taken by a Client of mine who we bumped into. He was out walking his dear dog, Izzy, who I looked after for 6 weeks. 'Little Iz' (my nickname for her) ran to me when I called and we had a lovely reunion. Only thing was - it was pandemonium trying to get a picture with all our six (seven counting Izzy who was buzzing around all excited) in the same frame at the same time!


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