Saturday, 15 February 2014

Puppy takes on Boxer - AND WINS!

Q: What do you get when you mix a Wheaten Terrier puppy with a stately Lady Boxer?
A:  A very interesting Pet Sit!

Dog sitting on the Northern Beaches and Sydney area brings many surprises. One is how you forget when you haven’t looked after a puppy for a long time just how much energy they have. In theory you exercise, feed and play with them – and then they sleep.  Hmmm, only problem is, someone forgot to tell the puppies that!

I recently had a fun two weeks looking after Audrey a cuteness itself six month old Spaniel – but boy did she keep me on my toes – no sleeping for Audrey and certainly not much for me! Then Claire and Elly (her own 8 year old Boxer) together spent three weeks looking after another energetic puppy -  Chico a 7 month old Wheaten Terrier.

Chico is typical of pups of his age – masses of energy and a lot to learn! So it was going to be interesting to see how stately lady Elly and the teenage Chico got on.

Elly in her younger years was very ill. Having recovered from a death’s door condition, these days she looks robust - but looks can be deceiving. She has a severely fused spine and arthritis and ideally should keep to easy walks. But as soon as she met Chicho he wanted to play – and Elly couldn’t resist his cheeky charms!

Chico & Elly - Chico uncharacteristically quiet!

The pair developed quite a bond and became real fur pals. In the house Chico jump would on Elly or lick her face, and she being very good natured didn't mind. But now and then if she was tired she would make it clear play time was over – and Chico knew to give her a rest!

On walks Chico loved being chased and his favourite game was finding a stick and teasing Elly to try and take it. Not something she managed very often as he literally did run rings around her.

But Elly taught Chico a few things, like drinking from a running tap. He used to watch her and then one day did it himself. She also taught him limitations and few manners! In turn being around a high energy bundle helped Elly re connect with her ‘inner puppy’. She became very playful and seemed to get younger.

So although it seems the Pup wins when it takes on the Boxer - in fact when young meets old, the energy of the one and the wisdom of the other means pups or dogs - they all win:-)

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