Thursday, 13 March 2014

Doggie advice from Michelle Bridges & Cesar Millan

People contacting Perfect Pet Sitter do so because they are looking for the best care available for their dogs. Based in Sydney and the Northern Beaches and as an expert in dog minding and pet sitting, the only type of pet owners I meet are devoted to their fur pals. My clients are united by being caring people who accept that with dog ownership comes responsibilities. The most basic of which are appropriate food and adequate exercise.

In a recent edition of The Sun-Herald Sunday magazine Michelle Bridges says gyms should have dog treadmills. Whilst she no doubt made this as a tongue in cheek suggestion – what  great idea!

Michelle went on to write about obesity in people and dogs. Did you know that 40% of dogs in this country are obese? Shocking.

She also highlighted the importance of food and exercise – two vital components in keeping to the right weight whether human or canine. The difference is, we humans can choose whether to be as one with our armchair  - or to go out and exercise. Sadly our dogs cannot make such choices. And the worst thing of all for dogs is lack of exercise. Not just for what it does to their bodies – but because dogs deprived of enough exercise (and the chance to sniff and read doggie headlines) can at minimum develop behavioural problems – at worst they can go insane.

Cesar Millan has his detractors, but he spoke wise words when he said that for a dog to be balanced it needs EXERCISE, DISCIPLINE, AFFECTION – I concur.

In the UK it has become worryingly common to read of attacks by dogs on children and adults – more than a few proving fatal. Investigations often go on to reveal powerful trophy dogs kept in unimaginable conditions, locked away with zero exercise. The longer they are imprisoned the more uncontrollable they become. No surprise then when they escape they go mad and can kill. Tragic on every level.

Sydney pets owners are some of the most devoted I have ever met. Their pets are their passion and they will do whatever it takes to keep them happy and protected. In turn those pets repay that love a hundred times over with their affection, constancy and devotion.

So keep in mind that exercising your dog is more than simply a walk. You are giving your dog a wonderful gift and your canine pal will thank you by being happy and well adjusted. And if you do an hour daily and step up the pace - neither of you will need a gym to lose those few Ks!!

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