Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Harry was beaten, but he's not beaten

Most pets that Perfect Pet Sitter meet must be amongst the luckiest in the World. They're adored by their owners and pampered and treated as VIPs when Perfect Pet Sitter comes to visit. But even in Sydney, not every pet is so fortunate.

Centennial Park - go visit if you haven't - dogs allowed off lead
Case in point, let me introduce you to little Harry.  We don’t know exactly what he is, but he’s Jack Russell size, and black and white. His age is unknown as he was abandoned, but estimated to be about 10.

Eastern Suburbs many and varied walk options
Harry’s current owners met him whilst volunteering at a dog rescue centre - and they fell for his gentle soul. They guessed he had been badly treated, but the full extent of the cruelty he must have suffered only became clear when they got him home.

Harry was very lucky that he had patient and adoring new owners. They helped Harry, but he was still nervous in many situations where he came across people. His owners felt if he had to go back to kennels he would be upset and regress  - and as they had a trip to the UK booked before they met Harry, they were worried about what to do.
Harry & Chico we were also minding 

About this time the owner came across a guest blog I’d written and she contacted me. Coogee is not a usual area we cover, but hearing Harry’s story it was clear he needed us – so it was Perfect Pet Sitter to the rescue (again!)
Curl Curl Lagoon, he was tired but didn't like being carried

Overlooking Bronte

With our comprehensive checklist for owners completed, they additionally flagged up that Harry likes his tummy rubbed at night on the sofa and to sleep on the bed with you. These points plus specific behavioural issues (doesn’t like little children or skateboarders) were very helpful. They meant I was aware of situations to watch out for both in the home and when out and about.

By giving Harry my attention and care (including those tummy rubs and letting him sleep on my bed! He bonded with me very quickly.  Each day we’d find a new place to explore and, aside from food shopping, I barely left him. He became my little pal and one of his Adventure walks was a road trip to Kiama - so Harry had his very own holiday!

How much is that doggie in the window?

Whilst they were away I sent Harry’s owners frequent texts to keep them updated on his progress. Then when they came home they received Harry’s diary covering each day of their little furboy’s adventures  – all 43 pages!

As all dogs do, Harry got on really well with dear Elly
Today Harry’s almost a celebrity with his very own website and on their return his owners wrote a blog:- 'Harry's holiday with the Perfect Pet Sitter' 

Most of all it’s wonderful to know this big dog in a little body has found a caring home where he can live out his life in safety and in the future know nothing but kindness.

He's smart - he really did this!
To paraphrase a saying; ‘It’s a (Sydney) dog’s life’ – and in Harry’s case he at last has the love and attention he so deserves. 

GSP Darcy, met during one of our walks
Queens Park, more of the locals:-)
If your pet needs high level care and you want the absolute best for your special dog or cat, no other pet minding offering can match the 24/7 live-in, one-to-one care that Perfect Pet Sitter provides. Check out our costs and be amazed by how much is included within our ‘no extras’ fee scale.

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