Friday, 23 May 2014

Your VIP (Very Important Pet) cared for by Perfect Pet Sitter

There are plenty of pet minders…. and then there’s Perfect Pet Sitter.

We mix love and care for your pets with a professional approach, keeping your pets’ company and with your dogs, more often than not, taking them out and about with us just as you would. This is what sets us apart from other pet minders, because your dog is our job, and our 24/7 care is exactly that - care around the clock for your pet (& home too). 

Importantly, every day - EVERY SINGLE DAY - dogs get  exercised in the form of our Adventure walks. Frequently dogs are taken our for well over an hour. Uniquely, our Adventure walks are recorded with GPS data of maps, plus photos of each exercise session to show you the fun your dog had every day. After reading their dog’s diary one of our clients summed it up when they said “Wow, she’s had her own holiday!” So that's now what we call our live in stays!

Don’t take my word for it, instead take a look at some typical - yet amazing - extracts from the 135 page diary of Chilli the miniature Schnauzer & Sie the Jack Russell.

Above is proof of what happens when Perfect Pet Sitter cares for your pets. Others might live in and offer a basic level of attention, but none of them – NOT ONE – offers the incredible range of extras which are standard with each Perfect Pet Sitter stay. No one else provides a log of daily exercise as we do providing you with an exclusive diary of your pet’s activities every day you're were away. 

I was told Sie gnaws his fur when stressed and his owner warned me he would probably do that when they were gone. During my 30 night stay Sie never once chewed  himself  - he was too happily tired from all the exercise, fun and social doggie dates that’s why!

Perfect Pet Sitters do not - as some who say they do pet minding do - simply sleep in your home and then go out to work all day. Because, once more:- your dog is our job.

As you would expect, our matchless and unique service will cost more than kenneling. But if the absolute best with the least possible disruption is what you want for your pet when you go away – then nothing is better than the high end,  personalised care we offer. 

We received an outstanding testimonial from the owners of Chilli and Sie the subject of this blog, to read it click here

It is our reliability, attention to detail in assessing your individual requirements - and the level to which we do things -  that sets us apart. To find out more, give me a call on:
0426 976 006

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