Sunday, 3 August 2014

Jack Russells Rock!

As Perfect Pet Sitter I care for dogs of all shapes and sizes - from mighty to tiny. Whilst I confess, I used to be a ‘big dog person’, the more I care for our smaller breeds the more I see their many charms.

I’ve found some of our little canines are not little at all – they’re big dogs – they just happen to be in small bodies! This is never more clearly shown than with the Jack Russell.  Each JR has a unique personality, yet there’s one trait they all share –  determination!

Perfect Pet Sitter has cared for many JRs and each sit has been memorable for one reason or another.

Sadie the mountain goat bread thief!
There was Sadie, known as a Parsons Jack Russell (longer legs than usual) a feisty and smart cookie. Sadie had the skills of a mountain goat as I found to my cost when one day all that was left of a loaf on the kitchen counter was a wrapper. I couldn’t understand it, then I realised Sadie had jumped onto a chair then across to a stool and from there hopped onto the kitchen counter – where she enjoyed her banquet!

Gail provided our live-in pet minding service for Diesel from Manly, and so I only met him a few times.
Diesel in front on a joint walk with Lilo in Manly
Yet when he saw me in Graham Reserve after a break of 6 months, he came to me like an old friend and I felt honoured and touched by his lovely greeting.

Sie at Mona Vale was another sweetie who loved to run. He would set off at top speed with his little front legs pointing straight ahead at the horizontal – for all the world looking as if he was flying.
I've used this compilation of Sie before, but I just love it - look at his little legs - especially on the far right!
If I could photo shop I’d have put him in a superman costume – would have been very fitting for this super dog.

Then there's Lilo, a dear little girl who is partnered with the large GSP Indi. She had been snappy at the start of my stay but I didn’t let her snarls and growling scare me off !
Lilo, fearless and boundless energy
Once we estabished an understanding she was good as gold. She even put her trust in me by volunteering to come and sit on my lap, which is not something she did often I was told.

And last but not least, Pebbles. Dear Pebbles is actually undergoing treatment for cancer right now yet bearing it like a stoic person, contained and dignified.
Here is Pebbles, just look at those eyes
Her soulful eyes look at you as if she understands everything you say. Overall she has a look of wisdom as if she’s seen it all, been there, done that.

I will always love a big dog, but not everyone wants or has the space for a large hound in their lives. So if you want an active, fearless and great companion, the Jack Russell is a terrific choice. They know their own mind and are no lap dog, but that’s all part of what makes them so special.

Jack Russells, little dogs, but lion hearts – and I have to say they have stolen a bit of mine.

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