Monday, 30 March 2015

Perfect Pet Sitters Perfect Home Made Dog Treats!

Not only are shop bought dog treats expensive – but nearly all of them have additives. Go for health AND a taste irresistible to dogs. Make these amazing 100% meat and completely additive free treats doggie treats and you will become a doggie Pied Piper! (I've been amazed by the number of dog owners who have told me their dog is not food focussed – then their dog won't leave my side they love these treats so much!)

The process is the DEHYDRATION of any quality lean meat or chicken. I look out for reduced priced Steak or Lamb Fry (Lamb’s liver).  Aim to cook  2 – 2.5 kilograms of meat in one session. It’s not worth doing much less than this amount as the meat shrinks as the dehydration removes water.

Put the meat into saucepans of cold water and bring to the boil so it's cooked to kill any pathogens
Once boiled, take back to a ‘lively’ simmer -  until the meat is cooked but not falling to pieces. 
(If you cook liver too long it goes to mush and you have nothing to dehydrate).

When you have cooked the meat sieve it. Any mush that is left (from liver especially) put in a box and refridgerate, adding a little to your dogs meals as a super special treat.

 When the meat is cool, slice it up. I remove all the ‘tubes’ and fat. (I’m sure the dogs wouldn’t mind if you left those bits in, but I just want them to have nothing but the best, leanest meat).

Spread the slices out on the dehydrator trays

I use my maximum temperature setting (70) to dry the meat and do so for between 6-10 hours. Each hour or two rotate the trays as the base tray tends to get more heat than the top.
The time the meat takes to dry depends on the type of meat you used and how thick you cut the pieces. The meat should be dry at the finish. Thinner pieces will be brittle and snap. Thicker pieces will be a little more rubbery and chewy - the dogs love the treats either way.

When the treats are totally cool I cut or snap them into smaller pieces. Then bag the meat up and store. 

Storage Notes: I purchased an inexpensive (Aldi) Dehydrator to be able to make my own doggie treats. However, home dehydrators are not of the same standard as industrial equipment. This means the meat will almost certainly still contain a small level of moisture so the treats won't keep indefinitely. Even so, you can expect them to last in your car or bag for 6-8 weeks. Although no chance they will last that long – the dogs love them too much!

If you will have made a good amount, keep any excess in an airtight container in the fridge. Or freeze small bags of your treats ready for when you need.

Be ready to be the most popular dog walker in the vicinity!!


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  1. What if I don’t have a dehydrator?
    Apparently you can use an oven set on a very low oven temperature – but I've not found that that worked for me very well. The treats turned out too brittle, almost burned, because ovens don’t seem to be able to be set low enough - but you might have more luck.


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