Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Tick Collars or Chews - what's the best protection for my dog?

Just a quick reminder, Perfect Pet Sitter (me!) still exists, except now your dog can come to me at my exclusive Boutique Doggie Hotel!

At the Hound Dog Hotel all doggie guests have to show they are up to date with their inoculations - this works for the safety of each guest and all my clients have no trouble producing their dog's certificates.

It is also a requirement that dogs must have protection against fleas and ticks. 

This area can be quite contentious and I do understand that some people worry about the effects of tablets and medicines upon their dog. But in the case of ticks - being resistant to the idea of dosing your dog with an efficacious treatment could cost your dog their life.

In my opinion and experience, Flea collars are simply not adequate. According to quality they vary in how effective they are, and whilst some might be Ok in areas of low incidents of ticks, where dogs are being walked in summer in grassy areas, the chances of ticks escalate. And when dogs also like to swim - a collar will not cut it. Plus if the collar gets wet, it can take up to 24 hours to 'recharge' back to full protection.

Personally I recommend Nexgard which provides very high protection with a monthly dose.

There are other products which promise longer (3 month) protection. I have personal feedback from a vets I know that last year during Spring they had a number of ticks from dogs actively taking protection. In each case the dogs were on the product offering 3 months - not one of the cases was on a dog taking Nexgard.

Having said that - nothing is guaranteed to give 100% protection - so always check you dog very carefully, especially when warmer weather comes.

Meanwhile, to see the fun and games dogs are having at the Hound Dog Hotel, take a trip to our videos page!


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